So far 10 batches have been successfully completed. Result is cent percent. 90% candidates has got jobs. Special coating is given for computer knowledge.  
     About Us

AP College of Education is a B.Ed College established in the year 2002-03 an Affiliated Osmania University Based on the Recognition accorded by the National Council of Teacher Education with an annual intake of 100 students.

Governing Body and Executive Committee Members .

1.President           : Jilla Jogendhar Nath
2.Vice-President   : Ganna Laxmi

3.Secretary          : B. Venkataiah

4.Joint Secretary  : Rekha Ramesh

5.Treasurer           : P. Meghamala


We envisage our Students to

To continue to be a center of excellence in education and research, and occupy a place amongst the most eminent institutions of the nation.

1. Imbibe right attitudes, values, ideals and ideologies.

2. Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision making.

2. Achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision making.

4. Exercise responsible leadership in the total formation of their pupils.

5. Render selfless service to the community.


Our mission is to strive to provide

1. Intellectually well developed
2. Socially concerned
3. Morally upright
4. Spiritually oriented Teacher-citizens of INDIA.

The motto of our College ‘SERVE WITH LOVE’ underlines the need for loving selfless service on the part of every Teacher.

All the curricular and co-curricular programmes of the college are geared to achieve our vision and send out our Teacher Trainees with a sense of mission.

The curriculum emphasizes academic excellence, mastery of needed skills, methods and the development of a creative and committed personality.


• To emerge as a hallmark of excellence in the field of Teacher Trainees

• To give each student a meaningful, learner-centered classroom experience in an institution which is the symbol of excellence in higher education.

• To impart quality education in all the fields of study so as to make the students acquire in-depth knowledge of their chosen subjects.

• To help students make the transition from technical competence / theoretical knowledge they acquire to a practical / experiential dimension of learning and    application to real-life situations.

• To inculcate in students a sense of belonging, love for and loyalty towards their alma mater.

• To give an all-round development to the students’ personality and bring out the perfection which each person has been invested with by nature.

• To make the students competent to survive in the world of challenges once they complete their course.

• To transform the students into mature individuals and true global citizens.
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